horse therapeutic

Horses Used for Large-Scale Production of Immunoglobulins: An Inter-Species Approach

The use of horse-derived plasma in large-scale production of immunoglobulins is currently adopted worldwide for the treatment of various infectious diseases, such as tetanus, rabies, …

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Behavioral synchronization in complex societies of feral horses

When testing hypotheses on how horses synchronize their herd behavior, computational modeling is a must. So much more is happening among the many mares, stallions, …

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animal health

Origin of domestic horses finally established

Horses were first domesticated in the Pontic-Caspian steppes, northern Caucasus, before conquering the rest of Eurasia within a few centuries. These are the results of …

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Concern over use of bits in royal horses’ mouths

Horses showed signs of ‘oral discomfort’ at Royal Wedding, vet says A US vet has urged members of the royal family not to use bits …

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Horses ‘read and remember’ human facial expressions

Seeing angry faces in photos impacts horse behaviour – study    Horses have the ability to read and remember human facial expressions, new research has shown …

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Riding styles can affect movement and lameness

Researchers assess how different riding styles influence movement symmetry Researchers at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and the RVC have published new research that considers …

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Detector puts diagnosis power in clinicians’ hands

Vets looking to diagnose and monitor anaemia can obtain results in 10 seconds with a new haematocrit/haemoglobin detector from Vet Direct. The AniPoc Handheld Monitor …

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