Bovine & Ovine Colostrum

The feeding and management of dairy calves directly impact their future milk production, in addition to proper colostrum intake on calf health. Hesham Kamel, a …

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African swine fever

Pig Loss Analysis of Virulent ASFV Infections Under Different Test and Removal Success Scenarios

African swine fever (ASF) is known as an infectious disease-causing high mortality of pigs and is notifiable to the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE). …

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horse therapeutic

Horses Used for Large-Scale Production of Immunoglobulins: An Inter-Species Approach

The use of horse-derived plasma in large-scale production of immunoglobulins is currently adopted worldwide for the treatment of various infectious diseases, such as tetanus, rabies, …

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Dairy Herds

A Case-Control Study: Comparing the Effects on Calf Health After Use of A Commercially Available Mycoplasma bovis Vaccine in Dairy Herds in Scotland

Mycoplasma Bovis is a common cause of bovine pneumonia in calves. Treatment and control of the disease are challenging. Treatment can be ineffective, and control …

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Massage or Music Meant to Be Relaxing, Result in Lowering Salivary Cortisol Concentration in Race Horses

At the beginning of the training routine, young racehorses are exposed to stressful stimuli. Janet Marlow at PetAcoustics aims to evaluate the influence of a …

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Muscle Abnormalities in Broilers

Over the past decades, broilers have been growing at an increasing rate. This is not only due to changes in their genetic composition but also …

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A Vegan Diet for Dogs and Cats May Improve Health Outcomes and Longevity

In the past decade, men and women around the globe have transitioned to a vegan diet in record numbers, propelled largely by a growing body …

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alternative feed

Is Insect Farming Truly a Solution to The Animal Feed Problem?

The European Union has started considering alternative feed, such as insect protein, to supply the livestock industry. Insect-derived protein as animal feed is increasingly seen …

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amino acids

Organic Trace Minerals – Enhancing Mineral Bioavailability Through Chelation

The chemistry of complexation or chelation as it is commonly known has created a great deal of confusion in the animal feed industry. Terms such …

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animal food supply

The Value of Circularity in Sustainable Food Systems

The circular economy, or circularity of a system, is an intentional effort to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and …

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