Detector puts diagnosis power in clinicians’ hands

Vets looking to diagnose and monitor anaemia can obtain results in 10 seconds with a new haematocrit/haemoglobin detector from Vet Direct.
The AniPoc Handheld Monitor is a portable unit that enables clinicians to conduct a single-step ear prick test to diagnose and monitor anaemia in dogs, cats and horses.
Such an approach eliminates the need to spend any time in the lab and, once obtained, the result can be saved for future review, if necessary – the company said.
Leon Wright, managing director at Vet Direct, said: “The AniPoc device eliminates the need to draw blood with a syringe – a simple pin prick is enough – and it is perfect for both veterinary practices and home visits.
“The speed and accuracy of the product means it is better equipped to monitor animals undergoing anaesthesia or transfusions, and can be used to effectively screen animals taking part in pet blood banks and mobile clinics.”
The AniPoc Handheld Monitor and Starter Kit is available from Vet Direct for £250.
For more information, visit the Vet Direct website or telephone 0800 068 3300.