About Us

International Animal Health Journal (IAHJ) is the journal that the animal health industry has been missing: a comprehensive guidebook, packed with both practical and scholarly information. Medical, veterinary, technical and professional knowledge, accurate, clear and objective, crucial to keeping animal’s healthy and animal-derived food safe. This journal is dedicated to pharmaceutical professionals, medical device manufacturers and animal feed producers as well as public health officials.

International Animal Health Journal (IAHJ) is the only Peer Reviewed Journal, looking into the entire outsourcing management of the Veterinary Drug, Veterinary Devices & Animal Food Development Industry. IAHJ – Looks into the Regulations & Validation, Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery, Clinical Research, Custom & Contract Manufacturing, Primary and Secondary Packaging, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Marketing & Authorisation of all Drugs, Devices and Food Products that are used in the treatment of animals.