Concern over use of bits in royal horses’ mouths

Michael Fox urged the royal horse brigade to put animal welfare ahead of tradition.

Horses showed signs of ‘oral discomfort’ at Royal Wedding, vet says
A US vet has urged members of the royal family not to use bits in their horses’ mouths, after coverage of the Royal Wedding showed horses in ‘obvious oral discomfort’.
In a letter to Vet Record, Michael Fox said the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday (19 May), was ‘marred’ by the use of bits.
Commenting on the television coverage, he said: ‘Several horses were tossing their heads, mouthing and chomping and drooling in obvious oral discomfort’.
He added: ‘Whilst traditions die hard, especially in equine circles, let’s hope that this couple will extend their compassion to break the circle of anthropocentrism, and help ensure the humane treatment of all creatures great and small.
‘A British veterinary colleague has long established the inhumanity of the “snaffle-bit” and has developed a widely used bitless bridle for horses. Time for the Royal horse brigade to get with the times and put animal welfare and respect before blind tradition.’