Florida’s state shell at higher risk of extinction than previously thought

The Florida horse conch population — one of the world’s largest invertebrate animals — is shrinking. Established in 1969 as the Florida state shell with …

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Horse health experts issue advice on worm control

Equitape is to be discontinued from October 2018 Horse health professionals have issued best practice advice on managing worm burdens following news that Equitape is …

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AHT video series champions ridden horse welfare

A series of educational videos aimed at helping riders, owners, trainers and vets recognise pain and lameness in horses have been produced by Equitopia in …

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The Saddle Research Trust (SRT) Confirm Date For Next Public Conference

Building on the resounding success of the previous two international conferences in 2012 and 2014, leading organisation The Saddle Research Trust (SRT) has confirmed the …

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InGeneron ARC system hits UK market

UK vets will soon have access to a piece of kit for the treatment of a range of orthopaedic injuries, allergies and non-healing wounds in …

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