New bird app spreads its wings

Researchers from The University of Queensland have helped design an app to protect birds at risk of extinction across the world by breaking down language …

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Florida’s state shell at higher risk of extinction than previously thought

The Florida horse conch population — one of the world’s largest invertebrate animals — is shrinking. Established in 1969 as the Florida state shell with …

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Climate-only models likely underestimate species extinction

Ecologists estimate that 15 to 37% of plant and animal species will go extinct as a direct result of the rapidly changing climate. But new …

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Modern snakes evolved from a few survivors of dino-killing asteroid

A new study suggests that all living snakes evolved from a handful of species that survived the giant asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs …

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Discovery of prehistoric mammals suggests rapid evolution of mammals after dinosaur extinction

Research published today in the peer-reviewed Journal of Systematic Palaeontology describes the discovery of three new species of ancient creatures from the dawn of modern …

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