InGeneron ARC system hits UK market

UK vets will soon have access to a piece of kit for the treatment of a range of orthopaedic injuries, allergies and non-healing wounds in dogs and horses.
Nupsala Veterinary Services has signed an exclusive license and agreement with InGeneron to supply the point of care ARC system to the UK veterinary market.
InGeneron’s ARC system allows veterinary clinics to rapidly prepare canine and equine adipose-derived regenerative cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from an animal’s own body at point of care for immediate treatment for a range of diseases and injuries.
Vets can use prepared cells to aid the treatment of orthopaedic injuries, OA, allergies and non-healing wounds in dogs and horses, Nupsala said.
A company spokeman said: “InGeneron’s ARC tissue processing system uses fat tissue obtained from the patient. Regenerative cells, including stem cells, are prepared for reinjection in about 90 minutes from excised solid tissue, or 60 minutes for lipoaspirate.
“With the ability to process solid tissue in practice, this point of care system offers a new and more convenient option for those practices already using adipose-derived cells.”
Nupsala has expertise in treating orthopaedic conditions, using stem cells, bone marrow concentrate, adipose-derived stem cells, PRP and autologous-conditioned serum/interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein.