Vegan diets for dogs may be linked with better health, and could be less hazardous, than meat-based diets

A survey study of the guardians of more than 2,500 dogs explored links between dog diet and health outcomes, suggesting that nutritionally sound vegan diets …

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Cancer risk across mammals: Carnivores are more prone to cancer

We tend to talk about cancer as a human disease. While it is true that cancer seriously affects our species, we can no longer disregard …

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Many new college students report pet separation anxiety

Pets are not the only ones who experience separation anxiety; their people do too. Washington State University researchers surveyed a sample of new first-year college …

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Agaricus Blazei

Preventive and Diverse Use of Agaricus Blazei Mushroom in Veterinary Medicine

There are different applications of medication including nutritional supplements. One application of nutritional supplements is in the case of essential nutrients which are required for …

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Grains Are Good Food: Helping Caregivers Move Beyond the Grain-Free Diet Trend

It’s been more than a decade since grain-free food became one of the fastest-growing trends in commercial diets for dogs and cats. The trend influenced …

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What to know about adopting pets in Indonesia

All animals deserve the chance to go on a journey of rescue to recovery. They belong in a family that can give life-long commitment and …

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Homeless pets sing for royal couple

Beagle pup and a Shetland pony star in tribute to Harry and Meghan With royal wedding fever sweeping the nation, one animal charity has come …

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Scientists and vets call for a labelling scheme for pets

A scientific report published in the new issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour calls for a ‘pet-labelling scheme’ to enable informed decision-making by consumers …

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Vet professionals warned of eye injuries to owners and pets from canine ear gel

European Medicines Agency advises application caution after ocular damage from accidental exposure to popular otitis externa treatment reported. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has issued …

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Pets Need Vets campaign launched

Initiative to promote benefits of registering with a vet The RCVS and the BVA have launched a social media campaign to highlight the benefits of …

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