The ‘Platypus’ of the crab world was an active predator that lurked the Cretaceous seas

Eyes are crucial players in the evolution of organisms. They allow an animal to find food, a mate, potential prey, to avoid predators and aid …

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Current marsh pollution has dramatic, negative effects on sea anemone’s survival

Stationary marine organisms that don’t ply the ocean, but spend their lives rooted in one spot, have evolved impressive ways to capture prey. The sea …

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Plankton head polewards

The ocean is teeming with microscopic plants and animals known collectively as plankton. Each individual organism is tiny, yet, taken as a whole, this free-floating …

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Transforming marine biodiversity discovery and monitoring

A new system for sampling fragments of DNA from marine organisms drifting in the ocean is set to create new opportunities for research on biodiversity …

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The physics behind a tardigrade’s lumbering gait

Plump and ponderous, tardigrades earned the nickname “water bears” when scientists first observed the 0.02-inch-long animals’ distinctive lumbering gaits in the 18th century. Their dumpy …

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