Vetoquinol launches Felpreva®, a New Three-Monthly Feline Spot-on Parasiticide

Felpreva® is now available to veterinarians in five European markets including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria and Italy Felpreva® (tigolaner/emodepside/praziquantel) is the first spot-on combination …

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Grains Are Good Food: Helping Caregivers Move Beyond the Grain-Free Diet Trend

It’s been more than a decade since grain-free food became one of the fastest-growing trends in commercial diets for dogs and cats. The trend influenced …

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YuCALM Cat aims to improve feline wellbeing for the better

Following on from the launch of YuCALM Dog in September 2016, Lintbells is launching YuCALM Cat, which is available to order from veterinary wholesalers. The …

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Feline epilepsy data ’subpar’

Researchers have found testing anti-epileptic drugs’ effectiveness and safety for cats has been generally subpar, worse than what was formerly reported in dogs. Scientists from …

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Feline heart surgery first is ‘way forward’

A pioneering procedure that saved the life of a kitten with a rare and potentially fatal heart condition could transform the way similar cases are …

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