Desert teamwork explains global pattern of co-operation in birds

A new study from the Kalahari Desert finds that teamwork allows birds to cope with brutally unpredictable environments. This landmark finding explains the long-standing mystery …

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Staffies ‘will not be added to banned breed list’

Parliamentary debate triggered by e-petition  Staffordshire bull terriers will not be added to the list of banned breeds in the UK, the government has confirmed, …

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There is strong evidence of a looming brachycephalic crisis, says Dan O’Neill, of the RVC

Dan O’Neill, senior lecturer at the RVC warns profession to brace itself for three-pronged welfare challenge for brachycephalic breeds. He said substantial evidence showed severe …

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Latest VetCompass research uncovers new evidence on the ownership, behaviours and health of Rottweilers in the UK

A new study conducted by the VetCompass Programme at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) has revealed novel insights into the demographics, behaviours and disorders of …

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