Here’s why whales don’t drown when they gulp down food underwater

Ever wondered whether whales can burp, and why they don’t drown when they gulp down gallons of water and krill? New UBC research may just …

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arctic hunting

Melting sea ice forces polar bears to travel farther for food

In recent years, polar bears in the Beaufort Sea have had to travel far outside of their traditional arctic hunting grounds which has contributed to …

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New phenomenon: Forest mammals eavesdrop on messy monkeys

Eavesdropping doesn’t just belong in the playbooks of police officers and spies. It is also a phenomenon that plays out among animals. Previous studies have …

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Streetwise bees cut corners to find food

Bumblebees waste no time enjoying the beauty of flowers — instead learning the bare minimum about where to land and find food, new research shows. …

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Grains Are Good Food: Helping Caregivers Move Beyond the Grain-Free Diet Trend

It’s been more than a decade since grain-free food became one of the fastest-growing trends in commercial diets for dogs and cats. The trend influenced …

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Shedding light on mysterious jellyfish diets

Jellyfish have voracious appetites, and they aren’t considered the most selective eaters. Almost anything that gets stuck to their tentacles winds up in the gelatinous …

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Honeybees’ waggle dance reveals bees in rural areas travel farther for food

By decoding honeybees’ waggle dances, which tell other bees where to find food, researchers have found that bees in agricultural areas travel further for food …

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Cats’ whiskers reveal felines favor free lunch

Domestic cats that regularly catch wild animals still get most of their nutrition from food provided at home, new research shows. University of Exeter scientists …

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Vampire bats may coordinate with ‘friends’ over a bite to eat

Vampire bats that form bonds in captivity and continue those “friendships” in the wild also hunt together, meeting up over a meal after independent departures …

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What happens when bats are given three choices?

The next time you see an online offer or go to the grocery store, notice whether there are two choices or three. A common marketing …

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