Woodley Equipment launched the Bionote Vcheck V200 at London Vet Show

Woodley Equipment launched the Bionote Vcheck V200 at London Vet Show, with this fully quantitative automated analyser which provides accurate diagnosis for dogs and cats proving to be extremely popular. Woodley Equipment to release new tests for Vcheck V200 fully quantitative automated analyser following successful launch at London Vet Show.
The Vcheck V200 enables you to achieve true analysis with fluorescence technology, providing reference lab quality without test referrals. Say goodbye to semi quantitative guesswork and don’t rely on a rapid test device reader.
The V200 can currently test for the following groups of analytes:
Pancreatic specific lipase is used to diagnose pancreatitis in dogs and cats presenting vomiting, fever, anorexia or abdominal pain. The Vcheck 200 enables accurate measurement of:

  • Canine pancreatitis – specific lipase – cPL measurement range 50~2000ng/ml
  • Feline pancreatitis – specific lipase – fPL measurement range 1~50ng/mL

Real-time inflammation markers – acute phase proteins cCRP and fSAA are real-time inflammation markers in cats and dogs, providing accurate and rapid information about inflammation:

  • Dog inflammation marker cCRP (C-Reactive Protein) measurement range 10~200mg/L
  • Cat inflammation marker fSAA (Serum amyloid A) measurement range 5~200ug/mL

Following the initial launch new tests to be released in 2018 include:

  • Cortisol
  • T4
  • SDMA
  • TSH
  • Canine Progesterone
  • D-Dimer

The Vcheck V200 helps the user understand the use of cCRP and fSAA which is quicker and more accurate than a WBC. They are a practical indicator for severity of illness as the marker increases proportionally with the degree of inflammation/infection. Unlike a WBC, the marker is not affected by stress, steroid drugs, NSAIDs and antibiotics. It accurately diagnoses arthritis, enterobrosia and inflammation/infection.
The Vcheck V200 Analyser provides print out and result storage. Results are also available on your smartphone or tablet via InSight Lab Manager – a Lab Management System which integrates your Lab Equipment with the host Practice Management System.
When common fluorescent complexes are used for measurement, results may be error-prone due to overlap between the stimulating and emitted wavelengths. The Vcheck V200 uses Europium which gives more accurate results as the wavelengths of the stimulating and emitted light do not overlap.