Webinar: Minimizing Risk to Maximize Coverage for the Global Supply of Vaccines

This presentation will focus on the use of the advanced aseptic filling techniques utilized in blow/fill/seal technology to enhance the global supply of vaccines through primary container design and manufacturing efficiency.
In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • the details and data on how the principles of BFS dramatically reduce the risk profile and particulate contamination in aseptic filling.
  • information on the container closure and a case study of a model monoclonal antibody in a BFS vial compared to glass.
  • primary container design freedom to help address the needs of vaccine distribution and delivery.



speaker Bill Hartzel — Director, Strategic Execution, Advanced Delivery Technologies, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Bill Hartzel is the Director of Strategic Execution at Catalent Pharma Solutions, a global leader in development solutions and advanced drug delivery technologies. In this role, he is responsible for the implementation of a full suite of advanced aseptic processing solutions for biologic and complex pharmaceutical liquid products. He provides a strong background in advanced aseptic processing in blow/fill/seal and plastics in which he has numerous publications and presentations on the topics. Additionally, he has been a leader in the single use “disposables” industry since 2006 for his background in materials of construction. He is on the Board of Directors for BPSA, a Technical Author for PDA –TR 66 on Single Use Manufacturing, and the former Chairman of the ASME BPE Task Group for Single Use. He has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Villanova University.