WAF: EU rules ‘death warrant’ for UK’s wildlife

The Wildlife Aid Foundation has added its name to a joint statement urging MPs to reject the new regulations due to come into force in March.

New EU rules could force UK vets to euthanise healthy invasive species such as grey squirrels and muntjac deer.
The Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) is calling on MPs to reject new EU rules, which, it said, would “sign the death warrant” of many of the UK’s wild animals.
As the law stands, rescue centres have licences enabling them to treat specified numbers of animals classed as invasive species and return them to the wild.
However, the new Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019, due to come into force at the end of March, will revoke all licences.
This means any invasive species taken to a vet practice or wildlife hospital will have to be euthanised – no matter how healthy it is.
MPs will have an opportunity to raise objections to the legislation before it passes into law, although rescue centres with licences have already been notified by Defra that they will be revoked.
In a bid to halt the legislation, the WAF has added its name to a joint statement on behalf of UK wildlife centres and vets concerned by the potential impact of the proposed legislation.


A petition has been raised by London-based wildlife rescue centre Urban Squirrels, arguing for grey squirrels to be exempt from the order.