Vets welcome Brexit inquiry to safeguard animal health and welfare standards in Scotland

It is crucial that existing standards are at least maintained post-Brexit

An inquiry launched by the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee will consider the environmental and animal welfare implications of Scotland leaving the EU.
Welcoming the inquiry, President of the British Veterinary Association Scottish Branch Melissa Donald said:
“Our high animal health and welfare standards provide Scottish and wider UK trade with a unique selling point that should be maximised post-Brexit.
“It is crucial that existing standards of animal health and welfare, public health and environmental protection, amongst others, are at least maintained at the same level. So, it is encouraging to see the Committee addressing the potential risks, and opportunities, around these issues in Scotland.
“Animal welfare is at the heart of everything vets do and we will continue to call for measures to ensure that principles, such as Article 13 that recognises animal sentience and puts a duty on the state to regard animal welfare in policy making, is captured in law before the UK leaves the EU.”
BVA will consult members and respond to the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee inquiry by the 29 March deadline.