Veterinary nutraceutical expert, VetPlus, has further expanded its product portfolio by launching a new, easy to use digestive support supplement called FIBOR™.
Designed for cats and dogs,  FIBOR™ has a unique combination of ingredients including kiwi fruit and five other natural fibre sources to support the function of the digestive tract and promote a healthy breakdown of food.
Containing both soluble and insoluble fibre, the innovative kiwi ingredient provides a remarkable source of many nutrients. It has been proven to encourage normal gut motility and faecal consistency, aiding cases of constipation and diarrhoea.
Kiwi fruit also aids protein digestion in the stomach and the small intestine because it offers a unique source of the proteolytic enzyme, Actinidin.
Available in a 500g pot with a handy scoop, the highly appetising pellets mean that they can be given with food every day to act as a long term management option for digestive health and anal gland problems.
Natasha Wilkinson, Technical Advisor at VetPlus, said: “Loose stools, constipation and gland impaction cases are seen very frequently in veterinary practices and often require long term management.
“The launch of FIBOR™ means pet owners now have a gentle alternative on the market which will help them manage and improve anal gland problems for their pets.”
VetPlus is a British company and now a global leader in veterinary nutraceuticals. It is dedicated to developing and distributing new and innovative products for animals, whilst ensuring all ingredients used are of the highest quality.