The Changing World of Cat Ownership – What Does it Mean for Feline Parasite Prevention?

The pandemic did not just cause a puppy boom – the numbers of new cat owners also soared. In fact, cats now outnumber dogs across European countries, surpassing dogs by a sizeable 30% in 2020. Historically, cats have received less attention than dogs in the veterinary setting. They are seen less frequently in clinics, there are fewer feline specific medications and cats are less often the focus of scientific research. But as cat ownership rises and cats become an even more integral part of families, feline preventative healthcare, including control of endo- and ectoparasites, has never been more important. Vetoquinol, one of the top ten global veterinary pharmaceutical companies, discusses why tailoring communications to the changing demographic of cat owners and simplifying parasite prevention is vital, especially as the pressure in veterinary clinics rises.