Scientist creates honey product to tackle cancer in pets

A natural honey compound sourced from a variety of a Mediterranean plant that only grows in the mild wet conditions of west Wales and Ireland is helping pets diagnosed with cancer.

Scientist Dr Robert Nash has provided his ground-breaking IminoHoney to dog and cat owners who report that it can either cure animals given terminal cancer diagnoses or greatly extend happy and active life.

IminoHoney is a 100% natural honey product sourced in the UK and containing an extremely rare iminosugar compound also found in the Mediterranean plant when grown in Aberystwyth but not in the Mediterranean.

The honey is naturally rich in a small and unusual molecule with very specific activity that appears to aid wound healing and boosts a weak immunity when it is given in food or applied topically to tumours.

A number of vets and animals around the world have trialled the treatment, which costs £59.99 for a pack of ten sachets, with impressive results.

Dr Nash’s work focuses on the development of new pharmaceutical medicines based on natural iminosugars for inflammatory disorders, diabetes and cancer.

Dr Nash, whose company is based in Aberystwyth, said: “Science is the key to our product range. Sugars or carbohydrates are vital to health in many ways and faults in sugar biochemistry occur in most diseases and in ageing.

“As animals age they typically have weaker immune responses which makes them more prone to various infections and diseases and for cancerous cells to take hold.

“We’re seeing that iminosugars have the remarkable ability to correct many of these errors and to restore a youthful balance.

“The compound only needs to be taken once every two to four days and old dogs with untreatable tumours – and probably defective and ageing immune responses – appear to give particularly encouraging results.

“Honey is well-known in traditional medicine for wound healing as bacteria cannot grow in such high sugar concentrations. But, typically, honey only works when applied to the wound.

“IminoHoney for pets is unique in giving an improved quality of life in terminal cancer and also seems to aid recovery from surgery.

“I’m delighted with some of the incredible results we are seeing in pets.”

Dr Nash is producing a range of products derived from his iminosugar research including a product launching in America for osteo-arthritis and a European product to treat diabetes.

Holistic cancer vet Dr Birgit Ahlemeyer from Sussex has been using IminoHoney in combination with her other treatments. She said: “I am passionate about treating animals with the most appropriate therapy or combination of therapies in order to improve their health and quality of life.

“I love that this honey is a natural product and I really believe that it can give an immunity boost to a sick animal.”

Case study

Medical herbalist Anita Myatt has been treating her 10-year-old English Bull Terrier, called Chubby, with Iminohoney for the past 12 months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Anita, who lives on a croft on the Isle of Skye with her husband Simon Larson, a photographer, said: “Chubby was diagnosed with cancer after he started developing tumours on his body.

“I’ve lost count of how many operations he had but, this time last year, we were told there was nothing else that could be done to help him.

“We knew he was getting upset too because he had started to get quite aggressive and was afraid of going to the vets.

“As a medical herbalist I champion natural medicines so when I heard about Iminohoney I wanted to try it.

“Within four weeks of taking the honey every three days in his food I could see a difference.

“The tumours stopped growing, his coat regained its shine and his skin returned to a healthy colour. Chubby suddenly had more bounce to him.

“I’ve kept in touch with his oncologist and he is surprised that he is still with us. In fact, it’s arthritis – and not cancer – that is his issue today and I’m treating that with a cucumber extract.

“Everyone thinks Chubby is a wonder dog. I’m just so happy that something as simple and natural as honey has given my lovely dog a new life.”