Regulating Veterinary Drugs in India: A Case Study Based on the Drug and Cosmetic Act

The Drug and Cosmetic Act (D&C Act) 1940 and rules 1945 mainly involve a systematic review or understanding of the statutory framework of laws and regulations applicable to drugs and cosmetics. The D&C Act came into effect on April 10, 1940, to regulate India’s import, production, distribution, stocking, and sale of drugs and cosmetics. The primary purpose is to make the drugs and cosmetic products available in India of standard quality, safety, and effectiveness for human use. It also provides penal provisions for violations of norms under various sections of the Act. In India, some cases on the pharmaceutical companies are pending in the Hon’ble trial courts and Higher Courts related to the contravention of the D&C Act. Balamuralidhara. V, Amaresh Tumbagi, Ashutosh Mishra and Deeksha K S at JSS College of Pharmacy discuss the consequence of violating the laws and regulations specified in the D&C Act by taking the example of a case filed against a pharmaceutical firm manufacturing veterinary products without a valid license.