Reaction after London loses European Medicines Agency to Amsterdam

NOAH has congratulated Amsterdam in its bid to succeed London as the new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
Dawn Howard, NOAH chief executive, said: “Now the agency’s destination is known, we need to ensure continuity of availability of animal medicines during the move, and into the future.
“NOAH has welcomed the UK’s stated commitment to continuing a close working relationship with the EU in relation to the EMA.“
Ms Howard continued: “We believe it is vital both the UK and EU cooperate on animal medicines safety, regulation and supply – this is urgent.
“Good animal health is key to good welfare, and keeping animals healthy is key to public health, too. Our future regulatory model and relationship with both the EU and international partners will be critical to the health of us all.”
In a statement, Roxane Feller, secretary general of AnimalhealthEurope, said: “We are confident the Netherlands will take up the responsibility of host nation for the EMA with a much-deserved appreciation.
“We ask for a smooth transition period as the agency moves to Amsterdam, and for strong coordination with the UK regulatory authorities, who have provided great leadership and expertise over the past years.“
Ms Feller added: “Indeed, it is essential workable solutions are put in place to encourage retention of expertise and ensure minimum disruption to approvals of product developments and processing of authorisations.
“We will retain our good relationship with UK regulators through NOAH and continue dialogue with the national regulators around Europe.”