RCVS publishes well-being guide

Written in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the document is being launched at SPVS/VPMA Congress this weekend.

The RCVS’ Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) has joined forces with The University of Manchester Alliance Manchester Business School to publish a guide to enhancing well-being in the university workplace.
This week, the Vetlife Helpline revealed a record number of veterinary professionals contacted it in 2017. Some 1,737 telephone and email contacts were made, representing a 500% increase during the past five years.
The RCVS document, “A guide to enhancing wellbeing and managing work stress in the veterinary workplace, was written in association with Elinor O’Connor, senior lecturer in occupational psychology at the Alliance Manchester Business School.

Official launch

Featuring examples from the three winning practices of the 2016 MMI/SPVS Wellbeing Awards, the guide is to be officially launched at SPVS/VPMA Congress in Newport.
Dr O’Connor said: “Addressing stress in veterinary work not only has benefits for the health and well-being of each person in the veterinary team, but the business case for reducing work-related stress is clear – stress is associated with poorer performance, increased absenteeism and higher employee turnover.
“The well-being guide provides information about proven techniques for reducing stress at work, combined with suggestions for how they might be applied in veterinary workplaces.”

‘Priority for practices’

Lizzie Lockett, RCVS chief executive and MMI director, said: “By making well-being a priority, practices can support individuals and help their team work better together – and, therefore, provide the best treatment for the animals under their care.
“This leaflet unpacks some of the root causes of work-related stress, and may be of particular interest to practice managers, line managers or health and safety officers.”