Profits Rise at Anpario as Company Highlights New Initiatives

Anpario plc, the international producer and distributor of natural animal feed additives for animal health, nutrition and biosecurity, has announced strong sales growth in its US, Europe and Australasia markets.

Results for the year ended 31 December 2018 showed profits up by third to £4m on sales of £28.3m. 

“Trading in the current year is ahead of the same point in 2018, “said Anpario chief executive Richard Edwards. “We are confident initiatives taken like the introduction of the next generation of mycotoxin binders branded Anpro® and Optomega Plus, our sustainable omega 3 supplement, that helps improve fertility in dairy cows will prove attractive to customers.”

“Furthermore, the rapid transition to antibiotic free meat production has seen farmers across the world seek alternatives that provide a better return on investment than the products they currently use. Orego-Stim®, our 100% natural essential oil product, is now the leading phytogenics brand achieving consistent performance results.”

“Its availability to be used across different species to maximise gut health and support a healthy immune system has seen sales increase significantly in many countries especially the UK, USA, Spain, Austria, Poland and Australia,” said Mr Edwards.