Nutriad Sponsored Fish Parasites Talks at TARS 2017

Once more, multinational feed additives producer Nutriad sponsored The Roundtable Aquaculture Series (TARS), which was held August 16-17 in Bali, Indonesia. This year’s theme was Finfish Aquaculture: Strategy and growth. A pioneer in additives that support health and nutrition in fish and shrimp, Nutriad continuously strives to interact with industry professionals and scientist from all over the world.

“Parasite control is one of the key issues in health management of all commercial species of fish, including salmon, tilapia and marine fish. However, there is a general lack of basic knowledge on fish parasites in the aquaculture industry, particularly in Asia,” said Dr. Maria Mercè Isern Subich DVM, Nutriad’s Business Development Manager Aquaculture Health.
Prof. Montero, involved in research on fish parasitology since 2001, shared his views on the life cycle and mode of action of different species of fish parasites relevant for aquaculture, and illustrated current practices and challenges to prevent and/or treat parasites in fish farms in Europe.
TARS 2017 is a successful platform for the industry to exchange insights and experiences. The objective is to expand and to share knowledge enabling producers to better manage and control the variables in fish farming; build on industrialization; and improve production efficiency on a technical and operational level.
TARS 2017 attracted more than 150 professionals from international corporates and regional aqua feedmills farm owners and major suppliers in the region who all actively engaged in sharing updates and experiences, exploring workable solutions and developing a clear strategy to prevent and control future disease outbreaks in fish aquaculture in Asia.
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