NUTRIAD Sponsor of South Asia Layer Feed Quality Conference

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad continues to support tradeshows, conferences and seminars across Asia. Most recently the Belgium headquartered company sponsored the 2017 South Asia Layer Feed Quality in Bangkok (Thailand). The event, that took place in September, addressed the specific challenges egg producers in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka face centered around the theme of ‘Science, trials & application”. Leading regional and international speakers addressed a variety of topics that were well received by the attendees.
Dr. Glenn Alfred Ferriol, Nutriad Area Manager, presented a paper on Butyrate: linking precision delivery with gut health, laying performance and egg shell quality sharing the most recent updates on the application of ADIMIX PRECISION® in layers and how it addresses food safety (Salmonella and Campylobacter control).
Nutriad Regional Director BK Chew said: “The Layer Feed Quality Conference proved to be a good venue for Nutriad to once more show its commitment to the South Asian market. This year we added more manpower in the Indian sub-continent allowing us increase our engagement with customers in this extremely important region. From interaction with attendees, it became clear to me that this first ever layer feed quality conference tailored for South Asia benefited all the nutritionist, veterinarians and layer farm owners.”
Anand Srivastava and Rajaram Thiyagarajan, South Asia Area Managers, emphasized “India is the third largest producer of table eggs in numbers, behind China and US. Production efficiency and quality of eggs always depend on three major factors: Breed, Nutrition and Management.   Nutriad can play an important role in addressing challenges producers face. At this conference we had the opportunity to discuss extensively with producers and enjoy great speakers. We noticed a growing interest in Nutriad’s gut health product range and alternatives it provides to AGPs (ADIMIX PRECISION®; ADIMIX EASY®; APEX® 5) and the complete practical approach to mycotoxin risk control (TOXY-NIL®; TOXY-NIL®PLUS & UNIKE®)”