New treatment that enhances product choice is ‘spot-on’

Vets have another tool in their kit to treat fleas and ticks with the release of Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs.
MSD Animal Health has added to its existing range with the new product, which offers 12-week flea and tick protection, and provides vets and owners with more choice when it comes to treatment.
The complementary product joins the Bravecto Dog Chew and follows swiftly on the heels of the launch of Bravecto Spot-on for Cats.
MSD marketing manager Amanda Melvin said: “Our research has shown convenience is the key to improving compliance and successfully eradicating fleas and ticks.
“By offering a new formulation of a 12-week treatment, Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs further increases the opportunity. It improves the choice for vets and pet owners, depending on the client’s lifestyle and type of dog.”
The product also affords vets the opportunity to raise the topic of fleas and ticks with clients that have been more reluctant to use existing products, Ms Melvin added. A range of materials for practice staff and pet owners has been created to complement the launch.
For more information, contact your MSD account manager.