MSD web tool to simplify on-farm vaccination regime


MSD Animal Health’s Ian Graham demonstrates the company’s online vaccination calendar to Charolais breeder David Connolly, chairman of the Pedigree Calf Fair @ Beef NI Expo. Farmers will have an opportunity to view the customised web tool at Balmoral on 19th November. Picture: Julie Hazelton


MSD Animal Health has launched a new web-based tool that will enable veterinary practitioners to develop a customised vaccination calendar for their dairy, beef and sheep farmer clients.

The facility, which is the first of its kind, is available on the company’s dedicated animal health website MSD Animal Health believes this new facility will be of great assistance to vets in ensuring the most effective and compliant disease prevention strategies.

Many farmers forget to boost with vaccines or use products at inappropriate times for their production system. This web-based tool will ensure they have a permanent reminder of the critical dates for vaccinating against a broad range of cattle and sheep diseases.

Using a wide range of algorithms that are built into the facility, a customised calendar is then developed. A text message is sent to the farmer seven days before each vaccine booster is due. Where an email address is given in the contact details, a reminder email is also sent. The full calendar is also emailed to the user. This can be printed off and used as a reminder of the critical vaccination dates. MSD Animal Health is covering the cost for the service.

This innovation is part of a comprehensive campaign by MSD Animal Health to highlight the importance of disease prevention in order to enhance productivity in farming, while also reducing antibiotic use in food producing animals.

Use of vaccines to prevent disease has increased more than three-fold over the past decade and MSD Animal Health is the largest supplier of preventative vaccines on the Irish market.

With increasing numbers of farmers moving towards multiple disease prevention protocols, this new online tool will simplify routine vaccination, leading to healthier, more productive animals and more sustainable production systems.

The on-line vaccination calendar will be demonstrated to visitors at the forthcoming Pedigree Calf Fair @ Beef NI Expo. For further details speak to an MSD Animal Health representative at the Balmoral event on Saturday 19th November.