MSD Animal Health launches CPD webinar for vets and vet nurses on feline hyperthyroidism

Feline hyperthyroidism (FHT) is increasing in prevalence and is now the most common endocrine disorder in middle-aged and older cats, occurring in approximately 10 per cent of cats aged 10 years and older.1,2,3

Often the challenge lies not in diagnosis, but how to manage the pet’s overall health. Comorbidities can complicate thyroid management, and the veterinarian can be presented with some challenging conundrums.

MSD Animal Health is working with feline specialist Dr Sarah Caney BVSc PhD DSAM (Feline) MRCVS to tackle this complex topic in an upcoming skills webinar on 27th February, tailored to the veterinary professional.

The webinar, which will cover the intricacies of feline hyperthyroidism diagnosis and management, will be followed by a live Q&A giving vets and vet nurses the opportunity to pose questions or seek expert advice from Dr Caney.

The talk will also cover what to expect from Vidalta®, MSD Animal Health’s sustained-release carbimazole for the management of hyperthyroidism in cats.

Speaking about the webinar, Caroline Darouj, project manager at MSD Animal Health, said: “Although the condition of hyperthyroidism in cats is well known and diagnosis is generally straightforward, 70 per cent of vets in Europe state that FHT is under-diagnosed due to the fact that pet owners don’t recognise the signs.

“We wanted to launch a CPD webinar that would benefit and educate vets and vet nurses with regard to feline hyperthyroidism and the use of Vidalta® , in the hopes of exploring how we can better encourage pet owners to seek the guidance they need from their local vet.”