MLS®: A Tailored Laser Therapy for Veterinary Medicine by ASAveterinary

Ever thought of laser therapy to treat the stomatitis of your 4-legged friend, the fracture of your turtle’s carapace, or the backache of your horse? As laser therapy is effective in dealing with some of your most painful and disabling pathologies, so it can offer surprising results even for the problems that undermine the wellbeing of your pets. However, to quickly recover their best quality of life, not all laser therapies are the same. Effective as well as non-invasive and painless, as confirmed by the veterinarians who use it, is ASAlaser MLS® Laser Therapy, synchronized and combined laser emission that synergistically enhances the therapeutic effects thanks to the use of different wavelengths.
When I started using it in France,” explains Dr Roberta Burdisso, physiotherapist, functional rehabilitation therapist, and Head of the physiotherapy service at the Center Hospitalier Vétérinaire Fregis in Arcueil, “MLS® was completely unknown, and the owners of the animals were a little sceptical when I proposed to use it. Today, thanks to the results obtained in treating various pathologies and to the resulting word of mouth, they are the ones to request it. A choice motivated, first of all, by the safety of the therapy, which does not cause any risk of superficial or deep burns that can happen instead with other types of lasers. But its advantages are many more.”
Versatile in the treatment of pathologies (among them: pains of musculoskeletal and neurological origin, degenerative joint diseases, postoperative therapies of surgical wounds, tendon, muscular, and cutaneous injuries) and for the type of patients to be treated (pets, exotic and equine species), Laser Therapy, thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oedema effects, reduces pain, inflammation, and favours the recovery of the structural integrity of damaged tissues, producing visible results quickly, especially when compared to those of manual therapies. In fact, to make your pet feel good again, it only takes 2 to 10 sessions of 2 to 8 minutes depending on the patient’s clinical condition and the severity of the pathology. Last but not least: the results of its application are so comforting that they sometimes prevent the use of invasive procedures and the massive use of drugs that are often difficult to administer and have contraindications (gastritis, ulcers, diarrhoea, and nausea). For these reasons too, the owners of the animals that rely on MLS® feel satisfied and reassured.
“Our patients,” explain Dr Elena Tognato and Dr Silvia Meggiolaro of the Thermal Physiopet veterinary clinic of Montegrotto Terme (Pd), “when they are subjected to MLS®, they relax so much that sometimes they fall asleep! The owners, recognising that the therapy is painless and effective, are satisfied, especially because they see their animal recover a better quality of life.”
This is clearly confirmed by some cases such as that of the parrot Gaspare, who, after one month of hospitalization without significant improvement on his self-mutilation wound, saw it heal only after having been subjected to MLS®. A similar result for Daya San, a 2-year-old horse suffering from a wound in the neck area, probably due to biting. The sessions of Laser Therapy she has been subjected to have favoured a biostimulation such as to induce a full healing confirmed by the absence of cheloid.