Make parasite control simple with Felpreva®

Felpreva® only needs to be applied four times a year, meaning that fewer applications are required in comparison with typical monthly parasite treatments.

Cat owner compliance for parasiticide use is a challenge for veterinarians with data suggesting that on average, cats are only dewormed 2.2 times per year.1 While multiple factors need to be considered when it comes to compliance, the negative impact that administering parasiticides has on the bond between owner and their cat cannot be underestimated.

Reducing the frequency of required treatments can result in a more positive experience for all, helping to preserve that special bond. Felpreva® is designed specifically for cats, it is the first three-monthly spot-on parasiticide that covers tapeworms, in addition to other endoparasites (roundworms, hookworm, and lungworms), and ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, and mites) in a single dose.