Liquid formula makes hyperthyroidism treatment easier to swallow

A new liquid formula designed to manage lifelong hyperthyroidism in cats is making life simpler for owners, who find the liquid solution “easier to use“ than tablets.
Of 200 veterinary surgeons surveyed as part of a nationwide research campaign, 92% reported cat owners found a liquid solution easier to use than tablets to treat the condition.
Furthermore, 95% of vets reported success treating cats with Thyronorm Oral Solution for Cats, while 89% expected the liquid solution to improve compliance in the management of hyperthyroidism.
The survey also showed 93% of vets found Thyronorm gave them an easier way to offer cats a low dose, or an “in-between“ dose, as it can be titrated to suit the individual animal.
Norbrook’s companion animal senior product manager Rachel Crowe said the disease affected cats’ behaviour, making them irritable and anxious, and therefore difficult to medicate.
She said: “Thyronorm’s flavoured, liquid formulation is specifically designed to increase compliance and improve titration ability for precise and accurate management of hyperthyroid cats.
“We are delighted that, overall, 99% of the 200 veterinary surgeons surveyed would recommend Thyronorm in the management of hyperthyroidism, compared to other medical options.”
Thyronorm is available to order from all UK veterinary wholesalers and is available in 30ml and 100ml bottles with an in-use shelf life of six months.