Licence extended for Vetmedin

Boehringer Ingelheim has extended the licence for Vetmedin, following the largest, most cutting-edge study in veterinary cardiology.
Following the study, which was conducted at the RVC, the company believes the new claim will revolutionise the treatment of dogs with asymptomatic mitral valve disease (MVD).

EPIC findings

The effect of pimobendan in dogs with asymptomatic MVD and cardiomegaly (EPIC) study demonstrated Vetmedin delayed the onset of heart failure for dogs with asymptomatic MVD, providing on average 15 months of additional symptom-free time, as well as extending overall survival.
This study was so conclusive – involving 360 dogs in 36 centres, in 11 countries across 4 continents – it was terminated early as it was deemed unethical to withhold Vetmedin from dogs in the placebo group.

‘Major impact’

Vetmedin is the only medication licensed to treat asymptomatic MVD in dogs.
Panny Morgan, Vetmedin brand manager at Boehringer Ingelheim, said: “Vetmedin delays the onset of heart failure in dogs with asymptomatic MVD and cardiomegaly, providing 15 months of extra symptom-free time; that’s almost 10% of a dog’s lifetime.
“Prescribing Vetmedin to dogs with an MVD murmur and enlarged heart will not only extend a dog’s lifespan, but will also have a major impact on its quality of life.”