From Laser Therapy to Shockwave Therapy for Animals, Israel Export Institute Partners With the Foreign Trade Administration to Bring the Latest in Veterinary Treatment to MEDICA 2017

In the United States alone, pets account for 68% of the househould according to  and according to reuters, over $15.25 billion on vet care. With the emotions invested, and the time and dollars put into our furry companions, it’s no wonder that Veterinary Sciences are feeling the digital touch. The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), a non-profit organization that promotes Israeli trade relations, cooperation, and strategic alliances with overseas companies, is presenting Israel’s leading Medical Device and HealthCare IT leaders in the MedTech field at the Israel Pavilion at MEDICA 2017. Together with Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Israel Pavilion is introducing advanced emergency medical and digital health solutions tailored for every patient and every type of care in emerging medical technologies.
“Disasters, sudden catastrophic events such as earthquakes, complex and continuing emergencies such as a violent conflict are often unpredictable; while resources are often limited and time is of the essence thus innovative technologies for emergency medicine and trauma care are considered to be the most effective. The Israel Pavilion is known for bringing the most standout and impressive ones, addressing well-defined needs for first responders in emergency situations for prehospital, evacuation and hospital ER, this year is no different,” says Angela W. Rabinovich, Director, Life Science Department “the Israeli Pavilion is showcasing EMS specialized products developed by interdisciplinary teams of highly-experienced executives and R&D engineers. Each product is supported by internationally recognized medical experts particularly for intensive care, respiratory, cardiac, central nervous system and trauma medical emergencies. Our vision is taking these break-through solutions to impact communities globally.”
At MEDICA 2017, for the 10th consecutive year,” Joseph Akerman, Medica Project Manager describes, “our Economic and Trade Missions around the world will continue to work on connecting the international business community with Israel’s innovative medical devices industry, as it has done in previous years with great success.”
“Beyond just emergency and trauma care technologies, the Israeli Pavilion is representing more than 60 companies spanning the fields of chronic disease management, digital health, healthy aging and rehabilitation devices,” describes Angela Rabinovich. “If you are as fascinated as we are by the latest developments in medicine, I encourage you to consider attending our Pavilion at MEDICA 2017.”
The IEICI will be bringing the following key players in Israeli Medtech to MEDICA:

  • B-Cure Laser – the world’s first portable Evidence base Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) medical device with the Healing Power of a clinic: For treating efficiently hard to heal wounds, Orthopedic conditions, and to alleviate pain. Our goal is to bring innovation in treatment, medical care, and quality of life.
  • Estar Medical – Operating in the Cell Therapy/Biologics/Regenerative Medicine fields. Estar Medical is known for being the inventor of the “Tropocells”® and “Cellenis” ® Platelet Rich Plasma Systems (“Tropocells PRP “or “Cellenis PRP”) – offering a unique and extremely effective way to enhance and promote a significant platelet-rich plasma production. Tropocells® and Cellenis® PRP (FDA & CE approved) are revolutionary repair systems that use the body’s own growth factors for wound/skin repair and rejuvenation.
  • Medispec Ltd. – Competitive systems and technological breakthroughs in shockwave therapy. The company specializes in shockwave-based systems for urology, cardiovascular and orthopedic applications.


  • neoLaser – Manufactures and distributes medical laser products, offering top-notch quality and world-class design, providing superb performance and functionality, flexibility and modularity, all at an affordable cost. neoLaser’s products support a variety of high volume applications including Vascular, Proctology, Spine/PLDD, ENT and endoscopic surgery as well as Aesthetic procedures.


  • QinFlow Ltd. – QinFlow focuses on innovative, life-saving thermoregulation technologies. Leveraging this unique and patented technology, the company’s flagship product – the Warrior – provides emergency care professionals across the entire continuum of emergency care with a reliable, simple to operate, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device that operates flawlessly in all environmental conditions
    in order to fight hypothermia and help in saving lives.
  • SION MEDICAL Ltd. – Manufacturer of single-use skin cleansing and dermatologic treatment, advanced wound care and surgical solutions for the professional healthcare sector. The company focuses its attention on the development of skin asepsis solutions, generic creams, ointments and gels for topical dermatologic and wound applications.