Kinetic Vet Launches ArmourGuard® RTU Groundbreaking Biosecurity Technology for Animal Health

Kinetic Vet, an animal health company, today announced the launch of its latest product, ArmourGuard® RTU, an EPA-approved spray-on solution that provides antimicrobial activity against microorganism for up to 90 days.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (PRWEB) March 30, 2020

Kinetic Vet, an animal health company, today announced the launch of its latest product, ArmourGuard® RTU, an EPA-approved spray-on antimicrobial solution. As a first-of-its-kind technology within the animal health industry, ArmourGuard RTU is the only biosecurity solution that provides continual antimicrobial activity against microorganisms for up to 90 days.

In addition to reducing the cross contamination that can plague clinics, surgery suites, kennels, trailers, feeding areas, grooming stations, and other facilities, ArmourGuard RTU is non-toxic and does not enable microbial adaptation, resistance, or mutation.

“Our mission is to solve the stubborn problems veterinarians and animal owners face through break-through science that is practical and affordable,” said Kinetic Vet President Stuart Pierce, DVM. “Biosecurity is one of the most important issues of our day and we are pleased to introduce this product, which will greatly enhance current protocols within the animal health and services industry.”

The secret behind the product is the silane quaternary ammonium salt (Si-Quat) formulation, which adheres to all surfaces, forming an invisible and durable barrier that is effective against a wide range of microbes.

“Si-Quats provide a mechanical activity, which negates the need for chemicals,” said Pierce. “This means ArmourGuard RTU can be applied to a wide variety of materials and surfaces by spraying, wiping, brushing or soaking. It’s odorless, colorless and non-toxic, so completely safe for animals and people.”

ArmourGuard RTU enhances existing biosecurity protocols as an additional step in the process after a disinfectant has been used.

ArmourGuard RTU is available in 32 ounce, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon drums from animal health suppliers. For more information, call 877-786-9882, email customerservice(at)kinetictech(dot)net or visit

The Science Behind ArmourGuard RTU

When quaternary ammonium salts react with silanes, they form an integrated complex. When this complex is applied to any surface, it forms an invisible and durable (polymerized) antimicrobial coating or barrier making it very effective against a wide range of microbes.

Silane Base. The first section of the long chain molecule is a silane base, which enables the antimicrobial to anchor securely onto the substrate. A bond is formed providing long-lasting and sometimes permanent antimicrobial protection against a broad range of microorganisms.

Positively Charged Nitrogen. The second section of the long chain molecule is a bolt of electricity that kills any microbe. A positively charged atom of nitrogen attracts the negatively charged membranes of some microbes. This mechanical kill negates the need for toxic chemicals.

Long Molecular Carbon Chain. The third section of the long chain molecule is the “spike” that initially comes into contact with the offending microbes. This acts like a sword that punctures the cell membranes of all microbes.

Watch the molecular illustration animated video here.

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