Kemin Launches Natural Pet Food Safety Solution to Ensure Quality of Fresh and Frozen Meat Ingredients

To address industry demands for higher quality products, better nutrition and cleaner labels, Kemin Nutrisurance, the pet food and rendering technologies division of Kemin Industries, has expanded its food safety platform with the launch of a new, natural product – ALLINSUR™ M.
Pet food safety is a shared responsibility that impacts everyone from renderers to pet owners, however, it comes with many challenges.

 “One of the major obstacles that petfood manufacturers face is the risk of oxidative deterioration and microbial contamination in both raw ingredients and finished pet food,” said Jim Mann, Global Antioxidant Product Manager for Kemin Nutrisurance. “ALLINSUR M offers a natural solution for those concerns.”

To combat risks associated with fresh and frozen meats, the innovative product ensures both the quality and freshness of raw meat ingredients while extending shelf life. Its unique dual mode of action is designed to influence biogenic amine formation, control microbial degradation and protect against oxidative deterioration.
“These benefits work together to improve not only the stability, but also the palatability of a petfood diet,” states Mann.
David Raveyre, President of Kemin Nutrisurance, added, “our commitment to pet food safety is proudly reflected with our products for antioxidant preservation and microbial degradation. And, our goal is to provide renderers and petfood manufacturers a range of effective natural and synthetic solutions that preserve the safety, quality and freshness of petfood ingredients, pet food and pet treats.”
The ALLINSUR M product expansion complements the existing food safety platform of products such as:

  • ALLINSUR™ FS, which is a blend of antioxidants and microbial preservatives that maintain the quality of raw materials prior to rendering.
  • ALLINSUR™ A, which controls autoxidative deterioration of fats, preserves fat freshness and manages microbial risks in animal fats.
  • PREVION™, a natural, mold inhibition solution for use in pet treats.

To support customer application of pet food safety products, Kemin Nutrisurance offers Technical Support, our Product Application Department and Customer Laboratory Services as additional customer assurance.