Hundreds sink teeth into oral care course

Registrations are already flying in for the 2018 Oral Care Nurse training course; however, for those interested, but undecided, RVN Chloe Little shares her experience from having completed the course last year.
More than 400 VNs have already registered for the 2018 Oral Care Nurse training course – run in partnership between the BVNA and the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA), and supported by VN Times and Mars Petcare.
OCN badge.
Worth nine hours of CPD to participants, the online course aims to provide VNs with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective oral care clinics, drive awareness of oral health and identify pets in need of oral care attention.
To achieve the certificate, candidates must complete three modules, which include a series of webinars, instructional videos, short tasks and a multiple-choice question assessment.


Struggling to decide whether to sign up? RVN Chloe Little – who completed the course last year – explains how it has helped both her and her practice:
“As a consultation nurse, I see many patients daily. I now make a huge effort of checking every animal’s teeth I see, be it for a routine puppy/kitten check or post-dental check. I advise owners of young puppies and kittens to get them used to having their mouth and teeth touched, so we can make examination easier and demonstrate to owners how to clean their teeth. I provide all clients with a sample of toothpaste and follow up how they got on when I next see them.
“I recommend good-quality food and treats owners can give to help keep teeth clean, and brushing training using positive reinforcement – for example, before a meal, so the meal is the reward – which, I thought, was a fantastic idea from the course.
When I carry out dental procedures with vets, I am very strict on making sure vets score teeth properly so I can make clear notes on the dental chart and feed back to owners – I ensure the vets check the depth and recession of all teeth, and grade them.
The poster I made for the final section of the course is still displayed in our waiting room. I show it to owners as a guide on brushing and what teeth look like at different stages of periodontal disease.”