Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH has been involved in the concept, design, production and commercialization of innovative, quality livestock injectors and applicators for the past 100 years.

Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, durable and reliable application and injection systems. The HSW products are innovative, user-friendly and are especially designed for their intended application in the veterinary field. The outstanding high quality product solutions are very well known and popular in the veterinary practice as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and with farmers.

With a humble beginning from the basement of a building in Tuttlingen, Germany in 1921, Henke-Sass, Wolf has grown into a global leader in medical device technology.

Our internal expertise of plastics, metal turning, optics and electronics combined with our rich history and experience fuels our passion for the future. Around 1,500 specialized employees worldwide and our global presence, with 80 % of our products sold outside Germany, is an evidence to the innovation and commitment of our company to serving our customers wherever they are.

Henke-Sass, Wolf works together with pharmaceutical companies worldwide on branded and customized solutions as they develop and launch new products. This parallel development path results in novel application solutions focused on user comfort, animal welfare, safety, and efficient application that help drive loyalty to our customers’ products. HSW standard products are stocked and distributed globally thru a partner network that also provides spare parts, accessories and service to support use and best practices.

All of our veterinary products are designed with the highest level of quality, durability and flexibility needed for the typical daily environment in mind. Each product is animal-friendly and ideally tailored to the respective application: reliable, top-quality application and injection systems offering absolute precision during application. The range of veterinary products from HSW have earned their reputation as the global standard due to ease of handling, safety and value.