First IM pig vaccine to control Lawsonia intracellularis launched

Product could protect against the bacteria in animals from seven weeks old if piglets are vaccinated at the earlier treatment time of three weeks, according to MSD.

MSD Animal Health has launched the first IM pig vaccine to control Lawsonia intracellularis – the bacteria that causes Ileitis.

Porcilis Lawsonia provides protection against the bacteria, which is present on many finishing farms throughout the UK, and can affect weight gains and feed conversion ratios (FCRs) – and lead to increased mortality.

Rapid spread

Rubén Del Pozo Sacristán, technical manager for pigs at MSD, said: “L intracellularis is present on most UK farms, and can hamper a farm’s true potential as it spreads rapidly in faeces and on people or rodents, but symptoms can be hard to identify, as they’re often similar to many other diseases.”

‘Hard to identify’

Mr Del Pozo Sacristán added: “Acute forms are often noticeable, with symptoms such as diarrhoea or an increase in mortality, but the subclinical form, which is most common, can be hard to identify.

“Diarrhoea is not always present, and often indicators are an increase in FCR and a reduction in weight gain, leading to variation in pig performance, but this is similar to many other health issues.”