Europeans continue to seek company of cats and dogs

The European Pet Food Industry Federation has presented new facts and figures for Europe: The popularity of cats, dogs, ornamental birds and small mammals remains very high.

Brussels, June 2017 – Around 80 million households in Europe owned at least one pet animal according to the latest pet related statistics which were presented at FEDIAF’s annual general meeting.

Pets are very popular

“We have seen the popularity of most pets increase in European households”, FEDIAF president Marinus Pannevis said. “Pets, in particular dogs and cats, are more and more an important part of Europeans’ lives.” The number of dogs in the EU now stands at over 68 million; the number of cats is above 74 million. Increasingly small animals are appreciated by owners: 40 billion ornamental birds, 20 million small mammals and millions of fish in 9.6 million aquaria are cared for in the EU (which means in excess of 200 million ornamental fish).

Pets provide employment

The economic importance of pet ownership is revealed by the high number of direct and indirect employment: “Our sector provides approximate 100.000 direct jobs in the industry – but indirect employment means an estimated 900.000 jobs in related sectors.”, Marinus Pannevis said. This estimation is based on approximately 200.000 veterinarians in Europe, an estimated 60.000 pet specialist stores, suppliers to the pet food industry, the pet accessories industry, trade shows, pet press, breeders, animal welfare organizations and transport.

€ 35.5 billion combined turnover

Pets in Europe, their food and related products and services (veterinarians, pet shops, breeders, accessories, grooming, medicines…) contribute significantly to the European economy: The pet food industry reaches € 19.5 billion turnover in 2016, the related products and services another € 16 billion.