Equine herpesvirus vaccine now fully available

Zoetis UK has announced its Equip EHV 1,4 vaccine is now fully available.
Equip EHV 1,4 is licensed for the active immunisation of horses to reduce clinical signs due to infection with equine herpesvirus 1 and 4 and to reduce abortion caused by EHV-1 infection.
Zoetis had previously communicated directly to vets to inform them Equip Rotavirus will be out of stock from the end of November 2017 until mid-2018.
During this time an imported vaccine for rotavirus will be available to provide an interim solution until supply is restored.
Practices wishing to purchase the alternative imported rotavirus vaccine will need to apply to the VMD for a Special Treatment Certificate.
The company stated: “Zoetis would like to acknowledge the concern and frustration this causes our customers and reassure the equine community that we are working diligently to restore Equip Rotavirus supply as soon as possible.”
Contact your Zoetis account manager or the Zoetis technical team for further information.