Dechra’s R.I.P. Fleas Extra ™ treatment ‘fully compliant for UK market’

Dechra Veterinary Products has moved to reassure customers that its popular
household flea spray remains fully compliant for the UK market after another product was withdrawn from sale.
The European Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) have forced another flea spray to be taken off the shelves as its active ingredients do not comply with European rules.
But Dechra has confirmed that its long-lasting environmental household flea spray R.I.P. Fleas Extra remains authorised for use.
R.I.P. Fleas Extra, which is sold through veterinary practices, includes Tetramethrin, Permethrin and S-methoprene to actively treat flea infestations and dust mites in domestic settings.
The unique formula is designed to kill fleas and prevent infestations recurring. Tetramerthin provides instant paralysis of adult fleas to stop them from targeting pets or humans. Permethrin is a fast acting long lasting insecticide that kills adult fleas and larvae and S-methoprene is a growth regulator that lasts up to 12 months and ensures flea eggs and larvae don’t develop.
Brand Manager Carol Morgan said: “As a non agricultural pesticide, R.I.P Fleas meets the Control of Pesticides Regulations (CoPR) which covers products containing active ingredients that are not yet regulated under the Biocidal Products Regulation.
As this changes, Dechra will comply with any new regulations that affect our products and ensure that they remain fully compliant with any legislation.
“R.I.P. Fleas Extra is a highly effective household flea spray and veterinary professionals can retain their confidence that it is a useful weapon for vets and owners in their on-going treatment of fleas – one of the most common causes of dermatological issues in the UK.”