Controlled and consistent printing for veterinary practices

ScriptX, from UK company MeadCo, provides controlled, consistent and efficient printing from Internet Explorer. Essential for veterinary practices, ScriptX enables labels, barcodes, permission slips, claim forms, prescriptions, and more to be printed in a controlled format, from every networked Windows computer.
In use across the globe, ScriptX is helping to increase efficiency and reduce costs by enabling the precise control of printing of browser-hosted content on Microsoft Windows.
Veterinary practices are using ScriptX to improve procedures in several key areas:
  • Faster, automated printing of identification details and barcoded labels to improve clinic efficiency, speeding up admissions and management of supplies
  • Printing of vital permission and claims forms in the right format at the right location so that they can be processed accurately and rapidly
  • Production of instant copies of animal medical records to aid diagnosis and care
  • Creation of identification badges for staff and visitors
  • Faster printing without the need to cancel or complete pop-up print dialogue boxes
  • Automatic return to individual print settings as soon as a specific print job has been completed
  • Consistency of brand style and quality across regional practices
Jerry Mead, CEO of MeadCo – the creators of ScriptX – said: “From permission slips and claim forms to identification details and medical labels, the veterinary sector needs items to be printed quickly, consistently and professionally to operate at the highest level of efficiency. With ScriptX, items printed from Internet Explorer will have consistent headers, footers, margins, orientation and much more. This is essential for busy organisations where standardisation and total control are required. Once the particular print job is complete, the individual user’s default print settings are automatically restored.”
Further details of how ScriptX can be deployed to enhance printing capabilities within the veterinary sector are available at Also available is detailed and accessible information for IT professionals which ranges from the technology behind ScriptX through to comprehensive technical reference material covering the control’s usage and deployment.