Produmix releases COLOSUS, its new high-growth basemixes line. This line is the result of the work done by Produmix’s R&D&I team that, after an in-depth analysis and many trials, has developed a basemix which increases notably the weight of the piglet.
COLOSUS is the product of an exhaustive study of piglet’s digestive system and the interaction of the different components of the basemix. They analyzed where and how these particles must be placed to make the most of them and their synergies. Once these aspects are identified, each component is subjected to a special encapsulation process to ensure its release in the most appropriate zone. It favors the synergies and the antagonic effects between them.
As can be seen after the trials conducted both in Produmix’s experimental farm and the commercial ones, COLOSUS stands out due to the increase in the average body gain, obtaining 300-500 g/piglet in the pre-starter stage and 700-1.000 in the starter one.
COLOSUS is a PRODUMIX product aimed at those farms whose main priorities are growth and a high digestive health.