Clinglobal Ltd. and Symbiotic Research, LLC partner to advance animal health research

Animal health services company, Clinglobal, announces its strategic partnership with life sciences research organization and Tentamus group company Symbiotic Research, LLC. Before the end of 2021, Clinglobal and Symbiotic Research established a collaboration to facilitate customers and partners from both organizations access to a much more comprehensive portfolio of quality, specialized, and technology-driven solutions for the animal health industry.

Symbiotic Research, LLC, is a GLP compliant bioanalytical laboratory with a long-established reputation providing analytical, product chemistry, residue chemistry, in-vitro active ingredient assessments and bioanalytical services to the Animal Health, Agrochemical, and Petfood industries. Through its subsidiary, Genesis Midwest, LLC, the company also offers production animals (including fish) metabolism studies and environmental fate studies. This exciting collaboration significantly expands the scope of services provided by the Clinglobal group of companies, particularly those of our multisite preclinical contract research organization, Clinvet.

With over 40 years of experience combined in the animal health industry, Clinglobal and Symbiotic Research, LLC, are committed to developing high-quality life sciences research services to improve the quality of life of people and animals.

Key benefits to customers will include:

  • Access to an expanded group of scientific expertise covering product chemistry, formulations development and analysis, toxicology, bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics, safety, efficacy, regulatory affairs, and more;
    Access to a comprehensive solution for pharmacokinetic, toxicology, and bioequivalence services combining Clinvet sites animal studies capabilities with Symbiotic Research bioanalytical services;
  • In-life and analytical capabilities to support production animal ADME studies with C-14 labeled test substances;
  • Solutions for environmental fate studies including aerobic and anaerobic soil and aquatic metabolism, photodegradation in water and soil, aqueous and high-temperature hydrolysis, adsorption/desorption, column leaching, aged column leaching, and field dissipation.This partnership consolidates both organizations’ ambitions to serve a broader range of industries, from start-ups and biotech companies to large animal health and chemical companies.

    Dan Safarpour, Ph.D., CEO of Symbiotic Research, LLC & Genesis Midwest, LLC, said: “This unique strategic partnership will allow us to propose a comprehensive solution to our customers, notably those with interest in companion animals. Likewise, we are excited about helping Clinglobal customers with CMC and Bioanalytical support. I trust this collaboration between our groups and their depth and breadth of expertise will be welcomed by our current customers and enable us to serve future customers better.


    Wessel Fourie, CEO of Clinglobal, commented: “This partnership complements world-class animal research capabilities and allows us to offer our customers support with ADME studies with radioactive material and environmental fate studies. Very few companies can offer these highly- specialized services, and we are pleased Clinglobal customers can now find these services within our portfolio.”

    Dan Safarpour, Ph.D.
    CEO, Symbiotic Research, LLC & Genesis Midwest, LLC
    +1 (973) 426-9900

    Wessel Fourie, CA (SA)
    CEO, Clinglobal +1 (570) 890-1002

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    About Symbiotic Research, LLC: Symbiotic Research, LLC is a life-sciences contract research organization based in New Jersey, USA. The company is committed to developing long-term research and development partnerships with small and large life sciences, crop protection, animal health, and biotech companies. Symbiotic Research, LLC is customer-focused and possesses the technical expertise to ensure a quality product. The team is adept at designing and implementing strategies to meet customers’ needs and time frames. (

    About Clinglobal: Clinglobal is an animal health-focused contract research organization acting as a contract holding and centralized service provider for the Clinglobal group of partner companies (including Clinvet, Clindata, Clinomics, and Cynvivo). Clinglobal’s unique business model allows the animal health industry to benefit from simplified contracting solutions through a customizable all- inclusive approach to delivering comprehensive solutions for animal health product developments and research projects services through their proprietary research facilities and partner sites. (