BVA Responds to Concerns Around Supply of Veterinary Medicines in a ‘No Deal’ Scenario

BVA has today (12 September 2019) responded to concerns around supply of veterinary medicines in a ‘No Deal’ Brexit scenario after the government published its Operation Yellowhammer: No-deal contingency planning paper yesterday.

BVA President, Simon Doherty said:

“Continued access to veterinary medicines post-Brexit is essential for safeguarding animal health and welfare, public safety and the food chain in the UK. Our concerns with regards to veterinary medicines lie with those for long term health conditions and medicines that have a short shelf life, such as vaccines. Most vaccines cannot be stored for long periods of time and the absence of them could have an adverse effect on the health and welfare of farm animals, horses and pets.

“The Government has made assurances that it would prioritise maintaining the supply of these products in a no-deal Brexit scenario. BVA continues to work with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and the industry body National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) to monitor the situation.

“While we don’t advise the stockpiling of medicines, we would advise animal owners to discuss the timing of any vaccinations with their vet. We would also urge pet owners whose animals are undergoing long term treatment to seek repeat prescriptions in good time from their veterinary practice.”