Brexit: UK and Irish national animal health associations meet to help ensure continued medicines availability

The UK and Irish national trade associations NOAH (representing the UK animal medicines industry) and APHA (representing animal and plant health in Ireland) have met in Dublin to discuss matters of mutual interest.
With Brexit high on the agenda, the associations have committed to work more closely together to support their members, who supply veterinary medicines in both markets, and to help ensure future availability of veterinary medicines to support the health and welfare of UK and Irish farm livestock and pets.
NOAH Chief Executive Dawn Howard said: “With Brexit potentially having a major impact to both countries this meeting has allowed us to examine issues of common concern in more detail with the aim of ensuring future product availability. One of the key topics discussed was dual UK/Ireland labelled products, a system that has helped ensure product availability in both countries.”
APHA CEO John Keogh said: “With 73% Irish vet medicines being dual labelled, without measures being put in place Brexit presents a real risk to future product supply for our farmers. By working together more closely we can help ensure that full access continues.”
With both associations active members of Animalhealth Europe, APHA and NOAH will continue to keep in close contact and to meet again.