Brexit and the Animal Health Sector – Two Years on from the UK EU Referendum

The UK’s decision to exit from the EU, now two yearsago, was not anticipated by the UK animal medicines industry, which for many years has been well integrated in European supply chains. However, since June 2016 NOAH has been working to understand the implications of Brexit for the industry and to ensure continuity of supply of medicines for UK vets and animal keepers.
The UK regulator, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), is working with NOAH in an effort to ensure that a full complement of medicines will still be available in the UK on day one of Brexit, to minimise the potential for disease spread and animal suffering. Dawn Howard at NOAH says that this work continues, as concern is mounting that time is running out to allow businesses to be able to execute a smooth Brexit process without interruption to the availability of veterinary medicines.