Bova UK supports vets with direct product supply to practice clients during COVID-19 pandemic

With ever-tighter restrictions being placed on people’s movements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bova UK is supporting vets by offering a new product delivery service direct to clients.

In adherence with social distancing and to support vulnerable animal owners, Bova UK has put in place a new service enabling vets to order products that can be sent directly to their clients, while the product order invoice is still sent direct to the practice. This measure will not only help reduce the number of people coming to the practice, keeping veterinary teams safer from non-essential contact, but it will also help keep customers loyal to their practice.

“The RCVS decision to allow telemedicine provides the profession with a safe way to continue to provide assessment and treatment of horses within the UK,” said Professor Mark Bowen FRCVS, University of Nottingham.

“By using direct supply of medicines to the customer we further reduce the risks associated with clinical practice in theses challenging times. Direct supply to clients also reduces any delay in providing medicines, reducing our requirement to hold stock of these medicines. “Specials” remain accessible only to veterinary professionals and therefore this service is only available to vets.”

Bova UK has spent the past few days working on the website system to keep the ordering service as easy as possible. Log in and select the relevant product (as you would usually do) for the pet owner. Click on “Order for patient” and input all the relevant information, regarding the pet owner and their animal, when prompted, so that we can administer the extra label for dosing information. Invoicing will still come direct to you as normal.

Nicholas Bova, Managing Director at Bova UK said: “We are so glad we can provide this valuable service during this unprecedented time, to support the veterinary industry.”

For any queries, please contact Bova UK’s Customer Services team on 020 3034 3100. Or to register for an account to make the most of this special service then visit