Our Mission

The significant biochemical and metabolic differences between humans, dogs & cats – and indeed, between all mammalian species, makes the design of medicines and food for use in animals a challenging endeavour. And veterinary drug development & fodder is further complicated for animals that are to enter the human food chain. Concerns about the environmental consequences of field run-off must also be taken into account in developing drugs that are to be administered to large numbers of farm animals. Human safety is also a concern in developing medicines & food for pets (or “companion animals”). Drugs must often be administered by untrained pet owners in their homes where they may accidentally be consumed by young children. Further difficulties arise from the need to formulate compounds that are palatable to animals, and to devise delivery mechanisms that will work even for animals that may be highly stressed. Each species needs a range of medicinal & food products that are different in terms of both molecules and formulations. For all these reasons, veterinary drug development & animal food production offers challenges that are at least as difficult as those in the development of human drugs & food. Medicines and food produced for animal health are essential in supporting vets and livestock farmers to provide a safe, wholesome supply of meat and dairy food, and in supporting vets and pet owners to help companion animals live longer and healthier lives. IAHJ – is the only Peer Reviewed Journal, looking into the entire outsourcing management of the Veterinary Drug, Veterinary Devices & Animal Food Development Industry.

IAHJ – Looks into the Regulations & Validation, Drug Discovery, Development & Delivery, Clinical Research, Custom & Contract Manufacturing, Primary & Secondary Packaging, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing & Authorisation of all Drugs, Devices and Food Products that are used in the treatment of animals.

Message from the Editor

International Animal Health Journal (IAHJ) is the journal that the animal health industry is missing: a comprehensive guidebook, packed with both practical and scholarly information. Medical, veterinary, technical and professional knowledge, accurate, clear and objective, crucial to keeping animal’s healthy and animal-derived food safe. This journal is dedicated to animal health professionals, veterinarians and food animal producers as well as pet owners and public health officials. One comprehensive publication which looks into the entire Animal Health Industry. We aim to dispel the myths surrounding animal medicines and to educate the consumer about animal medicines in the food chain, animal physiology, animal diseases and treatment options. (The field of veterinary medicine, for instance, is focusing more and more on prevention rather than cure) The animal health industry is considered today to be more regulated than at any time in its history, veterinary product manufacturers often face higher hurdles than human medical manufacturers. But the truth is, more often than not, the challenges facing animal health overlap with those of public health and the environment, particularly concerning the use of xenobiotics and the development of antibiotic resistance. And even though economic scales between animal and human health cannot be compared, the economic issues involved in animal health represent strategic challenges as never before.